Hey kids! Do you love coming to Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza? Do you love Freddy and his friends? Ever wonder what it’s like to be them? Well now you can find out! Choose who you want to be, and go on a fun pizza adventure! beat it all, and maybe you can unlock the elusive Golden Freddy!

This probably took much longer than necessary, but it was my first time animating AND using photoshop, so that was fun.

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Well I thought I would be there for not letting those bastards out - not to destroy them.

"Electricity is for the pussies."

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"Haha, hey ho, where you think ya goin’, chum."

I couldn’t choose which one to post, so I’ll just do both

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sometimes i stop listening to area 11 for a while then i go back to it and get almost nostalgic, i just cant get sick of them ever and they make me feel better over all this shit and stress thats been going on lately for me. these guys almost never fail to make me feel better

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She’s my new co-pilot.

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So I heard drawing yogscast peeps is a thing that people do.


So I heard drawing yogscast peeps is a thing that people do.

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0 - The Fool: As empty as a gaping chasm and as infinite as the stars. The fool represents a journey’s beginning: endless possibility and the spirit of optimism.

I - The Magician:  Both destroyer and redeemer, the magician commands the forces of the world around him and wields the power of transformation through the sheer force of his own will. The magician represents the idea that desire alone is powerless, whereas decisive action can change everything. 

I was really inspired by the character cards that stacey jenkins did a while back and, since tarot is my favorite thing ever, I decided to do a proper set of Yogscast tarot cards, or at least the Major Arcana :P I’m mildly horrified that I’ve committed to doing 22 of these but, also kind of excited :D

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When you see a notp that involves your favorite character on your dash:


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I imagine the people living inside Wall Rose going about their daily lives then they hear this and they’re like “ohhhh shit’s goin’ down beyond the wall”

holy fucking shit i actually peed abit i laughed so much

"Well, there goes that angry Eren kid again."

Reblogging for that last comment

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