"Oh my goodness, he seems to be wearing final fantasy levels of belts and straps."
-Matt (two best friends play Assassins creed Revelations)

That line fits perfectly for the headhunter (assassin) design I came up with for Rythian. No idea what to put on his sleeves? How bout some belts? Pants? More belts? Can I get some belts with my belts? You dern sure can.

I made an Assassin Au in my head and I’m getting sick and tired of all the designs stuck in my brain so I sat down last night and I barfed out the images onto my ipad. Now that they are drawn, I actually feel like writing a small drabble in this universe. It’ll probably be Rythna… Yea, probably…

And no, he’s not sparkling. Thats the particles of the end flickering from his form. They feel cold and dusty to the touch, like ash but it leaves a black smear when rubbed between two fingers.

The app I use on my ipad is shit for shading and colouring (seeing as how I have to use my finger and I only have two layers I can work with) so if any of you wish to color or edit this outfit, feel free to do so. Just send me a note before hand, I would love to check out your work.

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i still had the .sai so i made that rythian picture that way too many of you liked transparent

slap it on you’re blog,paste in on you’re dog,tattoo it on your left buttcheek but just remember to credit if you use it

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Kaneki Ken Tokyo Ghoul

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when your parents make you call to make your own appointments and have adult responsibilities

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Half Life Poster Series - Created by Colin Morella

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How to hit high notes…

i just snorted pop into my nose wtf

I played the video and before it even started I saw the balloon and started crying

and their singing lux aurumque 

the guy on the left looks so concerned

This is amazing.

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Two funny things

1. She has game. Like A LOT!!!

2. In the show he was literally the technology expert…


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